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SPA-6100 Semiconductor parameter analyzer Wide range testing 30μV-1200V 1pA-100A


SPA-6100 Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer is a semiconductor electrical characteristic testing system independently developed and built by Wuhan PRECISE. It has the advantages of high precision, wide measurement range, fast flexibility, and strong compatibility. The product can simultaneously support the testing of DC current-voltage (I-V), capacitance-voltage (C-V) and pulsed I-V characteristics under high current and high voltage. It is designed to help accelerate cutting-edge material research, semiconductor chip device design and the development of advanced processes. It has excellent measurement efficiency and reliability.

Product Feature

█    30μV-1200V, 1pA-100A wide range test capability    

█    High measurement accuracy, up to 0.03% in full range       

█    Built-in standard device test program, easy to call test directly            

█    Automatic real-time parameter extraction, data plotting, analysis functions                           

█    Quickly switch between CV and IV measurements without rewiring

█    Provide flexible fixture customization solutions with strong compatibility

█    PC software and SCPI instruction set are provided free of charge

Flexible and customizable fixture solution

For semiconductor device products with different packaging types on the market, PRECISE provides a complete set of fixture solutions. The fixture has the characteristics of low impedance, simple installation, and rich variety. It can be used for testing single tube and module products such as diodes, transistors, field effect transistors, IGBTs, SiC MOS, and GaN. It can also be connected to the probe station to realize crystal testing. Circle level chip testing.


Product selection

Test UnitMaximum Number Of ChannelsMain Specifications
Low Voltage DC I-V Source Measure UnitSPA-S10030.1% accuracy, 30V/1A, 10pA
SPA-S20030.1% accuracy, 100V/1A, 10pA
SPA-S30030.1% accuracy, 300V/1A, 10pA
SPA-S100B30.03% accuracy, 30V/3A, 10pA
SPA-S200B30.03% accuracy, 100V/3A, 10pA
SPA-S300B30.03% accuracy, 300V/3A, 10pA
Low Voltage Pulsed I-V Source Measure UnitSPA-P10030.1% accuracy, 30V/1A (DC)/10A (pulse), 1pA
SPA-P20030.1% accuracy, 100V/1A (DC)/10A (pulse), 1pA
SPA-P30030.1% accuracy, 300V/1A (DC)/10A (pulse), 1pA
High Voltage I-V Source Measure UnitSPA-E10010.1% accuracy, 1200V/100mA, 100pA

High Current I-V Source Measure Unit

SPA-HCP10010.1% accuracy, 50V/30A (DC)/30A (pulse), 10pA
SPA-HCP20010.1% accuracy, 50V/30A (DC)/50A (pulse), 10pA
SPA-HCP30010.1% accuracy, 100V/30A (DC)/100A (pulse), 10pA
Capacitance Measuring UnitSPA-C10010.5% accuracy, 10Hz - 1MHz
PSS Testing SoftwarePSS SPA-61001Semiconductor Parameter Testing Software
Clamp (optional)//
Depend on customer needs

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