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Description of Common Parameters of source measure unit

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Source measure unit instruments are designed for test applications that require tight coupling of stimulus and measurement functions, precision voltage sources, and simultaneous current and voltage measurements. All source measure unit consist of a precision, low-noise, high-stability DC power supply with readback function and a low-noise, high-repeatability, high-input-impedance 5.5-digit multifunction meter, forming a compact single-channel DC Parametric tester.

Depending on the device, a source measure unit instrument can have various combinations of analog or digital inputs and outputs, including one or more power supply inputs. Some measurements require instruments such as counter/timer timers, gain/phase meters, impedance analyzers, LCZ meters, spectrum analyzers, or RF power meters, but many of the above sources and measurements can be easily met or adapted with a source measure unit need. Can be used as a voltage source, current source, voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter, and offers 4-quadrant bipolar and automatic source/sink operation.

1. Four quadrants: The quadrant of the power supply refers to the quadrant graph formed by taking the output voltage of the power supply as the X axis and the output current as the Y axis. The first and third quadrants mean that the voltage and current are in the same phase, and the device supplies power to other devices, which is called the source mode; the second and fourth quadrants mean that the voltage and current are reversed, and other devices discharge the device, passively absorb the incoming current, and provide a return path for the current. called the hydrazine mode.

2. Resolution: A small change in the input signal that can cause a change in the output signal. Small values that can be read directly in the measured value;

3. Source limit: the limit range of voltage or current. Due to the limited power of the quadrant of the SMU, its large output current or large output voltage will be limited in the high voltage or high current range.

4. Channel: A set of source measurement units with complete functions is a channel. Currently, our desktop source measure meters only provide a single channel. When multiple channels are required, please push the plug-in source measuring unit to the customer.

5. Accuracy: The deviation between the actual output signal and the ideal output. Generally expressed in the form of gain error + offset error.

6. Noise: The AC spurious components of the DC power output are called ripple and noise. The AC periodic signal in the output is ripple and the noise is random. When comparing parameters, pay attention to keywords such as bandwidth and peak-to-peak value.

7. Output establishment time: the time required for the output signal to reach the expected stable value.

8. Capacitive load stability: the stability of the device when the DUT is a capacitive load.

9. Range change overshoot: the output value deviates from the ideal value at the moment of range switching.

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