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How To Conduct Aging Test For High Power Laser?

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Laser technology has a good reputation, known as the fastest knife, the most accurate ruler, and the brightest light. Its application is very extensive. Let's first recall what "laser friends" we have encountered!

1. Laser distance measurement - laser radar sensor, positioning and distance measurement are all good!

2. Laser medical treatment - femtosecond laser beauty instrument, no problem for laser treatment.

3. Laser TV——high-definition laser TV, the color is bright and does not hurt the eyes.

4. Laser cutting - don't panic when cutting and welding, high-power laser will help.

Since laser technology has so many applications, it is necessary to talk about the core device: the laser.

what is laser?

A laser is mainly composed of a pump source, a gain medium, and a resonant cavity. According to different output power, it is divided into low power (below 10OW), medium power (100-3000w), high power (above 3OOOW); according to different pumping methods, it is divided into electric pump, chemical pump, optical pump, pneumatic pump Pumping; according to different gain media, it is divided into liquid lasers, gas lasers, semiconductor lasers and solid-state lasers. Among them, semiconductor lasers can be used not only as lasers alone, but also as pumping sources for fiber lasers and solid-state lasers. High-power semiconductor lasers are currently the most widely used because of their advantages in beam quality, work efficiency, structural volume, lifetime, and system maintenance.


Picture:How Lasers Work

From a structural point of view, high-power semiconductor lasers are mainly divided into two structures: single tube and bar. The single tube structure mostly adopts the design of wide bar and large optical cavity, and increases the gain area to achieve high power output and reduce cavity surface catastrophe. Damage; the bar structure is a parallel linear array of multiple single-tube lasers, multiple lasers work at the same time, and then high-power laser output is achieved through beam combining and other means.


图:aser single tube and bar (linear array) structure


图:Edge emitting lasers and surface emitting lasers

From the perspective of packaging types, there are two types of packaging for semiconductor lasers, one is protective shell packaging, and the other is chip packaging. Protective shell packaging mainly includes T-mount packaging and butterfly packaging, etc. Chip packaging mainly includes F-Mount type packaging, C-Mount type packaging, etc. Although high-power semiconductor lasers are widely used, due to the high light output power of a single chip, the heat generated per unit area is large. If heat dissipation technology is not done well, the life and reliability of semiconductor lasers will be directly affected.

Therefore, high-power semiconductor lasers need to be tested for life and reliability under extreme conditions such as high temperature and current before leaving the factory. But we usually face some problems in testing:

1. During the LlV test, the photoelectric parameters are greatly affected by heat

2. The test results under DC and wide pulse are inaccurate

3. High-power lasers have poor surge resistance

4. The fluctuation of the power supply affects the life of the laser

So how do we test it correctly?

High Power Diode Laser Aging Test System Solution

Aiming at kilowatt-level high-power semiconductor lasers, Proceed has launched a localized solution for high-power laser aging test systems with excellent cost performance. The equipment can be expanded to a 4-layer structure, and each layer is designed with several channels, each of which supports 1-16 laser chips. aging in series.


图:LDI series high power laser aging test system

The system includes high temperature environment control device, DC or pulse drive power supply, light receiving device, optical fiber, spectrometer (optional), circulating water cooling system, custom fixture, temperature collector and host computer, etc. Among them, the power supply is newly developed by Proces, Self-designed HCPL series high-power laser test power supply.

60A CWmodel,600A QCWmodel


It is worth mentioning that with the continuous development of the domestic semiconductor industry and the determination of the industry to solve the "stuck neck" problem, the era of localized instruments and meters has arrived! Wuhan Precise Instrument insists on independent innovation and strives to be the light of domestic products!

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