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Semiconductor power device C-V characteristic testing system


Capacitance-voltage (C-V) measurements are widely used to measure semiconductor parameters, especially MOS CAP and MOSFET structures. The capacitance of the MOS (metal-oxide-semiconductor) structure is a function of the applied voltage. The curve of the MOS capacitance changing with the applied voltage is called the C-V curve (referred to as the C-V characteristic). The C-V curve test can easily determine the silicon dioxide layer thickness dox , substrate doping concentration N, movable charge surface density Q1 in the oxide layer, and fixed charge surface density Qfc and other parameters.

Product Feature

█   Wide frequency range: the frequency range is 10Hz~1MHz, and the continuous frequency

points are adjustable;

█   High precision and wide range: providing a bias range of 0V to 3500V, with an accuracy of


█   Built-in CV testing: Built-in automated CV testing software, including multiple testing functions

such as C-V (Capacitance-voltage), C-T(Capacitance-time), C-F (Capacitance-frequency), etc;

█   Compatible with IV testing: supports both breakdown and leakage current characteristics


█   Real time curve drawing: The software interface directly shows test data and curves for easy


█   Strong scalability: The system adopts modular design and can be flexibly matched according

to needs;

The semiconductor power device C-V testing system developed by Precise mainly consists of one source measure unit, LCR meter, matrix switch, and C-V measure software.

The measured frequency range supported by the LCR meter is 0.1Hz~1MHz, and the source measure unit(SMU) is responsible for providing adjustable DC voltage bias, which is loaded onto the DUT through a matrix switch.

When measuring the C-V characteristics, the DC bias voltage is usually applied at both ends of the capacitor, while an AC signal is used for the measurement.

The commonly used AC signal frequency is between 10KHz and 1MHz. The DC bias voltage is used for DC voltage scanning, during the scanning measure the AC voltage and current of the tested device to calculate the capacitance values at different voltages.

cv test curve.png

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