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PL series narrow pulse LIV test system


The PL series narrow pulse LIV test system is developed for the LIV test of high-power lasers like keithley 2601b 2602b.When high-power lasers are powered by DC or wide pulse,the heat is serious,and the laser effect is greatly affected by temperature.The test results under DC or wide pulse cannot reflect the device characteristics.PL series products have the functions of narrow output current pulse, large output pulse current, support pulse light peak power detection, support laser voltage measurement and other functions. Output maximum pulse current 30A.

Product Feature

█   High power laser LIV test

█   Ultra-narrow to 1us pulse, the duty cycle can be as low as 0.01%

█   Up to 30A pulse current

█   Compatible with CW and QCW modes

█   Maximum 300A/us rising speed

█   Integrate the functions of program-controlled current source, voltmeter, peak sampling optical power meter, ammeter and multiple instruments into one

█   Support multi-machine parallel connection and trigger output, flexible collocation with spectrometer

█   Provide complete system solutions such as fixtures and integrating spheres, and support TEC temperature control

█   Complete laser parameter analysis host computer software

█   5 inch touch screen full graphical operation

█   Incorporates LIV test software

█   Extremely narrow pulse width super current

█   High sensitivity broadband detection

█   Supports USB storage one click export report

█   Multiple interfacesRS-232/GPIB/LAN

The composition diagram of the narrow pulse LIV test system is as follows: PL series pulse source, test fixture, integrating sphere, optical fiber, spectrometer, etc. The spectrometer needs to be purchased separately by customers according to their own choice.

liv test.jpg

Product selection

ModelPulse widthMax pulse currentMax pulse voltageSupport DC or notMax duty ratio
PL202 1μs~5ms 30A100VYes 1.0%

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  • Options&accessories

    10A250V power cable

    10A250V power cable

    2 inch integrating sphere

    2 inch integrating sphere(Optional)



    DIN8 pin male-male 0.5m

    DIN8 pin male-male 0.5m(Optional)

    DIN8 pin male-male 2m

    DIN8 pin male-male 2m(Optional)





    One-half optical fiber

    One-half optical fiber(Optional)

    One-inch integrating ball

    One-inch integrating ball(Optional)

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